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We work exclusively with Non-Profits and Registered Charities.  We help them build internal financial confidence as well as external financial credibility.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping for Non-Profits

Solid Bookkeeping

Includes but not limited to; accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, CRA Remittances, and HST Returns.


Schedule regular reviews and explanations of financial reports and statements with management and board.

Audit Preparation

Liaise with auditors to provide them the financial information and documents they require.  We reduce the stress for non-profit leaders by taking care of all the details required to make the audit be as pleasant as possible.  In fact, we like working closely with your auditors because they can often provide valuable information to your organization when the right questions are asked.

Financial Reporting

Compile year to date income statements (compared to budget), balance sheet, and any other financial statements your board requires. We often make suggestions to ensure that you are reviewing financial statements that are tailored to your organization’s needs.


Using our Bookkeeping Experience

to help your team

We focus on the bookkeeping so that CEOs and Executive Directors can have confidence that their financial reports are clear and accurate.  Whether they are applying for funding, reporting to their board or their donors, they know that their financial information is reliable and trust worthy.

Prior to Community Financial Management, Johanne Gauthier has worked in upper management and as an Executive Director for a non-profit as well as a Registered Charity for over 8 years.  She knows first-hand the challenges that Executive Directors and CEOs of non-profits and Registered Charities face in their day to day financial reporting and management.  This is especially true for those organizations with an operating budget of under 1 million a year, as their resources are quite limited.   Often these organizations cannot afford an accountant on retainer.

financial literacy and banking integration for bookkeepers

Budgeting in Accounting and Bookkeeping

Most CEOs and EDs that I have worked with are excited when talking about their organization’s mission or their programs and services.  They are especially passionate if they are talking about a new program or service they themselves spearheaded for their members...

Building Internal Financial Confidence

A few years ago, I knew of a Registered Charity in which the board and Executive Director were anticipating a Net Income of around $20,000 for the fiscal year that had just ended. This was welcome news for them as it was a cash strapped charity.  For the last 2...

Monthly Donations through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Most Registered Charities are already aware that monthly giving is an important element of their fundraising program. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to accept donations. More importantly though, it provides a reliable income stream for your organization....

Johanne from Community Financial Management helped us to increase our internal financial confidence in several ways.  Our last audit was worry-free as well as management letter free.  She has helped us develop a financial reporting packing that our Finance Committee reviews quarterly.   The Finance Committee meetings are now far more effective as a result.

She has brought numerous bookkeeping improvements that save us on costs such as paying our bills through a cash management plan.   We have saved a substantial amount on courier fees because of this.  Thanks to her, I can now focus on the more interesting aspects of my work such as delivering value to our members.

Heather Lalonde

CEO, Economic Development Council of Ontario

Our financial statements used to be cumbersome and difficult to read. Johanne has been able to drastically overhaul our chart of accounts. Our Income Statement is now half as long, yet provides far more meaningful information. It is much easier to review our comparatives from the previous year and we have a better breakdown of the different revenues we receive from our campaigns.

She is an asset in helping us draft our financial policies and procedures. Thanks to her, we now have a Tax Receipting Policy that make us more transparent to those organizations who support us for our events. Her years of experience as an Executive Director in the non-profit world have benefitted us greatly; far beyond that of a traditional bookkeeper.

Juliette Labossiere

Executive Director, United Way of SD&G

Johanne from Community Financial Management always responds quickly to my questions. She has provided valuable insights on how to maximize our HST reporting on overhead costs so that we may recoup as much HST as possible. She has also made numerous suggestions on other cost saving measures.

I have found her to be very diligent and thorough. I always have confidence in the reports she provides that they will be clear and accurate.

Robin Jackson

Executive Director, Canadian Federation of University Women